Undercarriage parts for Crawler machines including Excavators, Dozers, Surface Miners and Crawler Drills.

We offer undercarriage parts for various types of tracked machines from the world’s leading manufacturer of such parts.

These products have been developed and established based on computer aided design and manufacture, enabling the products to be optimized for the respective application.

Quality is strictly maintained to international and ISO 9000 standards.

Track Chains are available in lubricated version as well and give long life under severe working conditions.

Additionally, other matching under carriage parts can be offered such as Idler Assembly,(with track tensioning device if required), Sprockets, Track Rollers and Carrier Rollers.

The long list of OEMS across the world is proof of the quality and reliability of these undercarriage parts.



We offer :

  • Friction Plates and Discs

  • Fuel and Lubricant transfer and handling equipment
  • Hi Chrome Grinding Media and Special Castings

  • Planetary Gear Boxes for mobile

  • Axles, Gears and Spare Parts’

  • Propellor Shafts and U Joints for Off highway vehicles

  • Piston and Screw Air Compressors

  • Rippers for Dozers

  • Seal Groups

  • Slewing Rings

  • Spare Parts for machines

  • Transwheels for Fork Lifts and other small machines

  • Undercarriage Parts for Crawler machines Excavators, Dozers, Surface Miners and Crawler Drills

  • Wear resistant and Armour Steel Plates