Slewing Rings


Slewing Rings

La Leonessa Spa, Italy/ Leonessa Brevini (Yancheng) Slewing Bearings Co., Limited - Slewing Rings.ISO/TUV Certification for both Italy and China.

Slewing Rings are used in many traditional applications such as Excavators, Tower Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Rail Cranes, Ship Deck Cranes, Stackers and Reclaimers, Concrete Mixers and Pumps, Tunneling machines, access platforms, Wind and Solar Energy Mills, ecological and water treatment equipment, robots, off-shore machinery, winches and general static and mobile industrial machines and other applications. Generally speaking, they are used in any application with rotating, turning or slewing functions.

The Slewing Rings are designed to transmit and transfer axial or radial forces and tilting moments.

In most cases the bearings are assembled in compression. In situations where the bearings are fitted for a special traction application, please send us details.

The bearing races can be ground for increased precision in the rotation and lifetime,

All bearing types can be supplied with or without internal or external gear.

A wide range of products with inch moduli and threads are available, and special items can be

made with the assistance of the manufacturer’s engineering department

Presently, La Leonessa Spa, Italy produce Slewing Rings upto 3000 mm diameter with a production capacity of 40,000 pcs per year.

Leonessa Brevini (Yancheng) Slewing Bearings Co. Ltd.

La Leonessa Spa, Italy, in association with Brevini Transmissions, established a Company called Leonessa Brevini (Yancheng) Slewing Bearings Co. Ltd. located at Yancheng, China in 2012 to produce high quality Slewing Rings to Italian quality standards. The Company is owned and managed by Italians and their products are well received in China as well as in various export markets in Asia, Europe and America.

LBY presently have a capacity to produce Slewing Rings of upto 2000 mm diameter and are in a position to expand to a larger diameter if there is a steady market for the larger diameter slewing Rings.