FLEXBALL ITALIANA s.r.l, Italy design, engineer and manufacture "Flexball" ball bearing controls since 1960, wire cables since 1970 as well as Control Lever Boxes, Foot Pedals and other products for many different kind of applications for various industries in Italy, Europe and other countries in the world.

The main business areas are:

  • construction machinery
  • railways, metro, tramways, marine and transportation in general
  • agricultural machinery
  • professional and pleasure boats
  • motor vehicle industry

Flexball manufacture controls, both mechanical and electronic, for all applications which need the transfer of a motion either linear or rotary.

All design and development is carried out with Solidworks, 2D and 3D Mechanical CADs, in order to accomplish the following tasks:

  • development of a product concept
  • perform fully associated top-down and bottom-up design
  • weight analysis
  • animations to analyse how the product will work
  • carry out of prototype design and industrialization

Flexball have the full capability to design, test and qualify all its equipment. Specific tests like endurance, friction, vibration, sand, dust or salt spray are carried on the products before their final release.

All the critical parts of their controls are produced internally. Three assembly lines and two manufacturing workshops permit full quality control during all the production processes and detailed information of each component produced. This kind of organisation is essential to fulfil the On Time Delivery and Quality requirements requested by their customers.

Flexball Italiana can offer the widest range of controls available in the market covering all types of product and application: light and heavy-duty control cables, throttle cables, pull cables, brake cables, throttle lever controls, heavy-duty control levers for gearboxes, gear shifters and hydrostatic pumps, joysticks for hydraulic valve and Equipments, multifunctional handles and throttle pedals.

The Flexball cable, is an extremely flexible and sliding cable. It is very reliable and of robust construction which guarantees very high performances. If mounted properly, it will last “for ever

In the last 20 years Electronic Throttle Pedals have been developed and offered to producers of Agriculture Machinery, Construction Equipment Machinery, Moving Cranes, Trucks, Defence and Special Vehicles. Flexball’s Electronic Pedals can interface with all brands and types of electronic engines available on the market.

Made of nylon reinforced with 20% Fibreglass, the Pedal 1200 series is very robust and reliable, therefore it can be mounted also on heavy duty construction machines or military vehicles.

Environmental contamination is minimized due to the joint combination of the gasket with the mounting flange which segregate the cabin from the engine area

Electronic Foot Pedals:

Wall mounted 1270

This series of plastic wall mounted pedal is intended for any kind of vehicles.

Floor Mounted 1250

Floor Mounted are for Medium and Heavy duty applications.

These Foot Pedals are interchangeable with the most common electronic foot pedals available in the market. The sensor-less technology guarantees a very long life time. It is available in several versions