Europe Tractor Parts


Komatsu engine and transmission parts

Europe Tractor Parts Srl, Italy manufacture and offer various Engine, Transmission parts, Pumps and other parts for Komatsu machines. They were established in 1978 and are able to offer more than 20,000 different parts for Komatsu machines including Excavators in range of PC100 to PC650, Dozers, some Motor Graders and other machines. They believe in continuous product improvement and in enlarging their product range.

They have a modern state of the art factory equipped with CNC machines and are supported internally by their Technical Office, Heat Treatment, and updated Quality Control Departments

Since inception, ETP have built up a big experience in manufacturing technology, materials, process machining and heat treatment. Strict quality control is maintained over production. ETP believes that Quality is an integral part of the system at every step when developing production.

They have been awarded the prestigious TUV Certification.

Engine parts:

Complete range available for Komatsu® engine models like 95,102,105,108, 110,114,120,125, 130,140,155,170,NH220, Liners, Piston Assy, Piston Ring, Valves, Cylinder Head, Overhaul Gasket kit, Engine Bearing, Con Rod, Crankshaft and more…


ETP Liners come with Nitriding. This is an important heat treatment process that alloys nitrogen onto the surface of a metal to create a case hardened surface. They can offer Liner Kit or Engine Kit, depending on customers’ needs.


Complete range of Pistons and Piston Rings. Pistons are sold complete with pin and snap rings. Aluminium or cast iron pistons are available, depending on the specific engine they have to fit.

Valve & Guide Valve:

For all Valves and related parts, ETP use only certified Steel and materials that allow to conform to the stringent production tolerances and performances.

Connecting Rods:

ETP are in the process of developing complete range of Connecting Rods for the most common engines.


Complete Range for Crankshafts 4 or 6 cylinders, for 95 to 170 Engine models.

Engine Bearings:

 ETP offer a complete range including Engine Bearing products, Bushings and Thrust Washers for high-performance Diesel Engines.

Engine Gaskets:

Wide range of complete Engine Kits, Head Gasket, Crankshaft Oil Seals.

Turbocharger & Compressor:

ETP have arrangements with reliable manufacturers of Compressors and Turbochargers to source the best possible quality products.

Pins & Bushings:

available for Excavators from PC100 to PC650 & Wheel Loaders from WA120 to WA600.

Final Drive Parts and Gears:

ETP offer all Final Drive Gear Parts, Swing Circle and related Pinions, Pins & Bushins, and Shims for Komasu Excavators

Pumps :

Pumps for Dozer Steering, Transmission and Hydraulic Gear Pump of aluminium and Cast Iron type for Wheel Loader. Also, Water Pumps.

All ETP Pumps are individually tested on specialised test bench. The professional and high technological level of machine tools used ensure the high quality products are manufactured and marketed by ETP.

ETP’s excellent technology enables them to design and develop various products to meet customers’ requirements. ETP’s R&D Department are constantly engaged in engineering activities and always ready to update any technical developments.

Complete service kit:

Complete service kit for Hydraulic Cylinders for Excavators,Bulldozers and Wheel Loaders.