Propellor Shafts


Propellor Shafts and U Joints for Off Highway Applications

Dana Italia Spa - Spicer Italcardano Division, Italy

Propellor Shafts and U Joints for Off Highway Applications Used on Dump Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Motor Graders, Aircraft Towing Trucks, Rough Terrain Trucks, Loaders and other such machines.

The product range is Mechanics type from 2C to 15C being supplied to major OEMs all over the world by the company we represent.

Such products have also been well accepted in the Indian market.

In the Wing Bearing design, the transfer of the torque occurs mechanically, through keys placed on the bearing blocks. These keys are mated to corresponding slots machined on the connecting fitting yokes.

This feature offers great advantages for all those applications characterized by continuous load variations or subject to shock loads.

The main benefit of the bearing blocks connected directly to the output flanges, makes them very flexible for use and fit for all kinds of applications allowing the possibility of very short installed lengths. For the same installed length, and same axle offset, this characteristic gives the possibility of having smaller working angles resulting in longer life.

By loosening only 8 bolts, it is possible to disassemble the universal joint, the component that normally wears first, without having to disassemble the complete shaft assembly. This makes these Propellor Shafts a very interesting product for all applications where the possibility of making a quick and simple ‘on field’ maintenance is considered an important technical and economical features.

The following types of drive shafts have been established by the Dana Group, who are leaders in the market. A series of fittings are available to facilitate their utilization.

Type Version

  • 010 Tube with length compensation
  • 015 Tube Long slip
  • 020 Short coupling with length compensation
  • 030 Tube - rigid
  • 035 With length compensation and Center Bearing
  • 040 Rigid with Center Bearing
  • 050 Twin slip shaft assembly
  • 060 Double joint
  • 065 Centered double joint

The following series with Functional limit torque ( Tcs ) as indicated, can be supplied :

Series Size Tcs [Nm] Spline size
80M20 2C 1490 35 x 2 x 16 DIN 5480
108M40 4C 3280 35 x 2 x 16 DIN 5480
115M50 5C 5650 45 x 2 x 21 DIN 5480
140M60 6C 7230 45 x 2 x 21 DIN 5480
148M70 7C 10700 55 x2.5 x 20 DIN 5480
165M85 8,5C 20300 75 x 2.5 x 28 DIN 5480
206M80 8C 15500 75 x 2.5 x 28 DIN 5480
209M90 9C 27400 90 x 2.5 x 34 DIN 5480
213M100 10C 39700 90 x 2.5 x 34 DIN 5480
222M110 11C 41600 90 x 2.5 x 34 DIN 5480
288M120 12C 62200 120 x2.5 x 46 DIN 5480
280M220 12,5C 82800 92 x 102 x 7 92UNI223
310M230 14,5C 108200 150 x 3 x 48 DIN 5480
339M140 14C 120600 150 x 3 x 30 x 48 DIN 5480
260M150 15C 75400 120 x 2.5 x46 DIN 5480

Universal Joint Kits used on the range of drive shafts meet the international standards regulating the dimensions. They may be used to connect all mechanical components having this type of connections. Their very close manufacturing tolerance, finishing, heat treatment processing and assembly, ensure increased durability.