Fluid Handling



PIUSI Spa, Italy - Fluid Handling Products :

Established in 1953 as a pump manufacturer, Piusi's aim has been to offer solutions and not simply a product thereby stimulating research and design in specific fields such as :

  • fuel transfer and measurement (FUEL)
  • lubricant transfer and measurement (OIL)
  • pumps and compressors for agriculture (PTO)


The company's constant growth in all the international markets is the result of a few simple guidelines:

  • Dependable easy-to-use products
  • Innovative solutions combining high performance, long life and low cost
  • Attention to market demands and requirements
  • Streamlined efficient company organisation
  • Reliability in any relationship.

Today, PIUSI has a 14,000 Sq.mtrs new and modern industrial indoor facility, spread across a 30,000 sq. mtr area.

PIUSI use a certified Quality System for control of its design and production processes, the latest production equipment, a well-stocked and efficient warehouse together with an advanced organisational system for managing all the company activities and, in particular, a team of trained qualified persons.

They are therefore organised to offer high quality products in compliance with current regulations with complete control of the production process, efficient management of relations with the company and the services supplied, quick punctual deliveries and awareness of market requirements based on a profitable and friendly partnership with its customers.

PIUSI is focused on the future and to continuous development of new improved products with special focus on the production of UREA supply products (Ad Blue®, DEF, ARLA).

Fuel and Lubricant transfer and handling equipment:

For Earth Moving and Construction machinery, Lubricating stations, Automobile Service stations, Fleet Operators

Self Service Mc for AdBlue®

Cube 56 – Cube 70

BI Pump

P5.5 ST


Diesel Automatic Hose Ree

Some of the Pumps, Dispensers, Flow Meters, Hose reel for Diesel, Oil and Grease applications are shown above.

Piusi manufacture compact dispensing system shown below for Diesel transfer from Tanks to Machines at sites in Remote locations

AD Blue Products

Diesel cars with SCR system require periodic refilling with AdBlue®. To meet this demand, modern servicing centers need equipment that’s Rapid, Reliable and Clean. Thanks to ten years of specific experience and following significant investment and long-term testing, PIUSI has created Delphin PRO, shown below ,which makes AdBlue® refilling completely automatic. Piusi also have Pumps shown below for AdBlue applications

Delphin PRO

Pumps for Ad Blue