Piston and Screw Air Compressors


Piston and Screw Air Compressors

FIAC Spa, Italy - Piston and Screw Air Compressors :

FIAC S.p.A. has always been renowned in the world of compressed air for the high quality of its products and for its customer service. They are UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certified company with the policy of quality control adopted, based on continuous improvements aimed at the complete satisfaction of the final customer.

FIAC’s Air Compressor applications are very wide and are an essential alternate pneumatic source as it is clean, safe, and portable and environment friendly powerful energy. Their wide product range includes:

Oilless Compressors and their Applications:

Dental and Medical use, R&D labs, Food processing, Bottle filling, Chemical industry, Interior decoration, Pharmaceuticals, Gas Chromatography, Electron Microscope, CNC Machines, Gas filling, Textile/Spinning and many more.

These Pumps and Compressors are available up to 2 HP (Air delivery of 200 lpm/7 cfm) as a single unit or upto 4 HP by using 2 units. These have an air delivery ranging upto 200 lpm/7 cfm.

Lubricated Compressors and their Applications:

These are used in Automobile Service stations, Car manufacturers, Tyre inflating, automated painting, Industrial applications, Chemical industry, Interior decoration, packaging industry etc.

The product range available is from 0.65 HP up to 10 HP. These have an air delivery ranging from 99 lpm (3.5 cfm) to 912 lpm (32 cfm)

Upto 3 HP, they are available as direct driven pumps and beyond that, as belt driven pumps.

Screw Compressors and their Applications:

PET bottle manufacturing, Bottle filling, Injection molding machines, Textile/Spinning and weaving, Tool room, Drilling, Paper Etc.

FIAC offer various models and capacities from 5.5.HP to 100 HP. These have an FAD delivery ranging from 410 lpm (14.5 cfm) to 12600 lpm (445 cfm).

Lubricating product range

FIAC have introduced a range of products for lubrication and such applications including for automotive industry.

Lubricating product range

FIAC offer a wide range of accessories as well as spare parts for their Pumps and compressors.