We offer :

  • Friction Plates and Discs

  • Fuel and Lubricant transfer and handling equipment
  • Hi Chrome Grinding Media and Special Castings

  • Planetary Gear Boxes for mobile

  • Axles, Gears and Spare Parts’

  • Propellor Shafts and U Joints for Off highway vehicles

  • Piston and Screw Air Compressors

  • Rippers for Dozers

  • Seal Groups

  • Slewing Rings

  • Spare Parts for machines

  • Transwheels for Fork Lifts and other small machines

  • Undercarriage Parts for Crawler machines Excavators, Dozers, Surface Miners and Crawler Drills

  • Wear resistant and Armour Steel Plates

Seal Groups

Seal Groups for Under Carriage parts, Brakes and Gear Boxes

Seal GroupsSeal Groups are made up of 2 identical metal (cast for forged) rings that are machined and lapped and put together with two rubber rings. They are machined to close tolerances and can be interchangeable with other similar makes.

Seal Groups are used in a wide range of applications that include:

  • Under Carriage Track Rollers and Idlers
  • Wet Brake Assemblies
  • Planetary Gear Boxes
  • Dump Trucks
  • Concrete Mixers
  • Industrial Applications

Seal GroupsDifferent types of rubber are used for the ‘O’ Rings depending on the temperature of the application. However, the most commonly used are ‘O’ Rings of NBR for normal temperature ranging between 20 º and 100º Centigrade.

For special applications where the temperature can go upto 170º Centigrade, ‘O’ Rings made of special mixes such as HNBR and Silicone can be offered. The Seal Groups can be used with a wide viscosity range of oil.


Seal Groups                         Seal Groups